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Law Offices of:
Griffin & Gallagher
10001 South Roberts Road
Palos Hills, Illinois 60465
Phone: (708) 598-6800
FAX: (708) 598-6913

Firm Overview
From zoning, to contract negotiation, land purchase, escrow handling, document preparation, closings and litigation, the legal team at Griffin & Gallagher handles all aspects of real estate projects.

Company Information

Firm History

Griffin & Gallagher was founded on February 1, 1946 by James L. Griffin and Daniel A. Gallagher, as a general practice law firm with offices located in downtown Chicago. Both James L. Griffin and Daniel A. Gallagher served in the U.S. Navy as Lieutenents in World War II and following their discharge from service, joined forces to open the firm. A year later, Joseph P. Griffin joined his brother as a partner in the firm.

Through the years, the firm has continually grown and expanded. Today, this family tradition is continued by the second generation of Griffin & Gallagher family members ... John C. Griffin (son of the late firm's founder, James L. Griffin) and Carole Griffin Ruzich (daughter of retired partner Joseph P. Griffin).

Griffin & Gallagher currently has a staff of five attorneys.

Practice Specialization

Overview of Our Services

Griffin & Gallagher specializes in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions as well as litigation and contract negotiations.
  • Real Estate Transactions and Litigation (Commercial & Residential)
  • All aspects of General Practice


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